Future Initiatives 

I have been an active participant in the community, and have dedicated much of my time to help improve the quality of life for everyone in the city. Moving forward, I will focus on undertaking the following...

  • Keep property tax rates amongst the lowest in Ontario
  • Encourage and support “affordable” housing units for our young families and seniors
  • Enact all special study recommendations to address speeding issues on local roads
  • Respect our seniors by providing continued tax relief programs and specialized community initiatives
  • Support city initiatives that keep our youth engaged through mentorship and leadership program
  • High density development only be allowed to proceed if roads/transit infrastructure are built at the same time
  • Construction of Kirby Road missing link
  • Fund next phase of North Maple Regional Park for a family centre to include picnic area, waterpark, skating pad, pavilion, washrooms and botanical gardens
  • Construction of a regional off-leash dog park at North Maple Regional Park
  • Maintain integrity and transparency in all decision-making processes with a “resident first” focus